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Web-based recruitment solutions

We have invested considerably in online technology solutions that streamline our recruitment processes.  The following are some of the solutions we offer free to our clients:

  • PC Administration Skills Assessments
  • Internet Advertising
  • Recorded Video Interviewing (see below for further details)
  • Customised Interview Question Preparation
  • Online Security and Employment Checks
  • Benchmarking of Remuneration Packages

Video Interviews

We have developed technology that enables us to record video interviews and 'stream' them to our employers.  It enables us to not only conduct an interview over the internet with a job seeker in a remote location (anywhere there is a PC and webcam), but also to record, store and then share the interview securely via the internet to all and any stakeholders in the interview process.  This is particularly helpful when a job seeker or employer is interstate or overseas.

Video Introductions

A Video Introduction is a short video of a job seeker talking about their career (usually around 30 seconds).  It offers the job seeker a unique opportunity to express their personality, abilities, talents and motivation visually.  Once the Video Introduction has been recorded, we are able to email it to our employer to be viewed at any time and by as many stakeholders as required.

Watch Video Introduction example

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