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How to make the most of Valentine's Day at work (yes, even if you’re single)

Waiting at the door anxiously for your flowers and chocolates this Valentine’s day? Or perhaps you're dreading the day and think its just an overly commercialised Hallmark day concocted to siphon money out of your wallet?

Either way you view it, its upon us.  So how can you turn the day into a positive,  ensuring you get the most from your day?

Make your Valentine's Day less about material gifts and more about your work!

Here's a few ways you can feel the LOVE on Valentine's day with or without a partner:

1. Rekindle the passion

Beyond the honeymoon phase, all relationships need a spark and excitement face-lift. Just as your job will. If you are in a rut in your job, it’s time to shake things up and experiment by trying new challenges and taking on new tasks.

Rather than focusing on Tinder matches, put some of that time and energy into remembering why you do what you do in the first place. What is it that you love about your job? Spending some time getting to the bottom of what areas of your job you like, will help you to focus on what you like and better yourself in the areas that you don’t like.

2. Quality time with the person that matters

Sure, Valentine's is about giving to a loved one and experieince romance. But when you are working hard and have very little time for yourself, constantly putting all your energy into others can be draining on you and detrimental to your health in the long run. Don’t forget who is at the centre of it all…you are. Take time to replenish by doing things that you enjoy like going for a walk outside, yoga, exercise or just reading a book.

3. Take the focus off the money

Just like in any relationship, finances can cause tension that can destroy a relationship.  And it can do the same thing for your career.  We all know that money plays a role in what you do, but finances should not control the moves you make in your career.  Sure, being valued means not being under paid, but at the same time if you love what you do, don't make your wage drive your decisions.

Your job satisfaction is far more valuable than what goes in your wallet, besides you can use the experience and the networks to climb the career ladder to get more money and more satisfaction in your next job.

4. Show your recruiter some love

Find a job you love. And how do you do that? You get in front of career matchmakers.  Professional recruiters know how to help you get the job you want and they have the networks to put you in the front of the people you need to be in front of.

Show some love to your recruiter on Valentine's Day and speak to them about what you want, where you want to go with your career and your skills.  And keep in touch with them along your career, you never know when a new opportunity may arise that will put you one step closer to your dream career.

5. Appreciate the people around you

Valentines needn’t be limited to partners. Why not share the love with the people around you too? It's proven that people who express gratitude regularly are happier, more energetic, and more hopeful. Research shows they also tend to be less anxious, lonely and neurotic. So…pull yourself out of your lonely slump and show appreciation to those around you – your colleagues that you see every day. And if all of that wasn’t enough, it will help you to build sincere relationships with those around you.

How can you show your appreciation?

  • Thank someone in person
  • Write a thank you note
  • Add value to their day – help them out with a task or take them out for a coffee

So whether you have a romantic partner to shower with gifts on Valentines Day or not, perhaps it’s time to focus on loving other areas of your life too; like your job, your colleagues, your friends and of course, yourself.

Now go and give your work mate a hug (especially if your work colleague is me!).



Nicole Dickmann is a Creative Director with a passion for creating brands and marketing campaigns to sell a vision.  She thrives on helping people chase a better version of themselves - be it their health, wellbeing or their career through storytelling, brand development and content creation.

Join Nicole on LinkedIn here.

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